The Atkins Diet And Proper Nutrition

We were introduced, and by this my husband and I, to Atkins diet many years back. For my husband, it was the first time he will be trying out any diet plan, while on my part, there is no diet known to the human race that I have not given a shot!

Back to my husband. He seems to be responding to the new plan because he lost about 10 pounds in the first seven days, and was predictably demanding to know why I always whining about how difficult it is to lose weight.

I didn”t fare badly either during the opening week, as I was able to shed off 6 pounds, so I had to concur that the diet seems to be working so far. But I must admit that the first 14 days were difficult to get used to as the only food item allowed during this period are low carbohydrate ones. But the instant we got past the 14 days mark, the diet was very easy to follow. The Atkins diet primarily advocates the consumption of mostly protein.

This obviously was a delight for my husband as he is an avid meat lover, but we had a raging battle before he finally dumped the potatoes and bread that he liked so much along his meat. He agreed on the condition that we find him alternative foods that were permitted under the Atkins diet.

So this prompted me to buy the Atkins diet which finely laid out the both diets and recipes. I was amazed how people managed to lose weight at all, because the Atkins diet allows people to eat lots and varieties of foods. At the onset of our romance with Atkins diet, it was relatively easy to prepare dinner meals, as it consists of some type of protein, fish, pork, chicken, or beef, and a large leafy salad, together with bleu cheese dressing.

Our previous dinner was not very different from this, the only absent items are the potatoes and bread. Some few weeks into the program and the monotony of the meals started getting at us, but our consolation was we were both losing weight, this kept us motivated. However, the lack of variety in our meals each night was really frustrating. Suddenly I got lucky, as I made a discovery about some recipes at the back of the Atkins diet book.

One of our favorites is mashed cauliflower, which is a textural imitation of mashed potatoes. I also found in the Atkins diet book a recipe for a salad that contains virtually the same ingredients as its potato counterpart, but excluding the potatoes. You can replace cooked cauliflower. At first, we were hesitant about trying this out, but it later turned out nice.

As the years rolled by, we were allowed to reintroduce carbohydrate back into our diet. At first we were gaining weight, but with time we found the appropriate balance for both of us.

We discovered that low carbohydrates on the long term will not do us and our taste palettes any good. However, on an overall basis, the Atkins diet is a good way to lose excess weight.

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