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Website Content Marketing to Ba Boomers,

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Website Content Marketing to Ba Boomers,

Website Content Marketing to Baby Boomers,

Wide open Hole in Online Marketing to Baby Boomers, adding website content

What time you’re designing and adding content to your web site, consider the age group you desire to reach. Baby Boomers, if your target market consists ofFolks 45 and older, take a look at the following statistics from a current Burst Media survey. (Stats are rounded.) 80% of those age 18-34 say web sites are considered for them, but that percentage decreases until only 35% of the 45-54 age segment, and 20% of the 55 and older group, feel sites are designed for individuals their age. Lest youAssume older people, Baby Boomers aren’t using the Internet to a large extent, almost 50% of the 55+ users said if they were unable to access the Internet their daily lives would be significantly disrupted.

The percentage is even more dismal once it comes to the focus of online advertising content for websites. The 45+ crowd surveyed said only 17% of it is designed for them. This means the people with the most disposable income ( Baby Boomers ) is being overlooked by online advertisers.70% of adults age 50 to 64 are online, according to the American Life Project, 80% of them are on broadband, and their overall usage patterns mirror other age segments.

Internet marketers and advertisers must realize that the Baby Boomers and older individuals, who comprise a full third of the U.S. population and contain over 83% of consumer spending, are rapidly integrating the Internet into their lives. In fact, Boomers have been at the front position of technology for years – they invented a lot of it!

Baby Boomer Online SpendingThe Internet is the most important source of information for Baby Boomers when they make a chief marketing purchase, such as automobiles or appliances. Adults 50+ the baby boomer run through an average of billion online annually (Senior Net), and 42% of all travel industry purchases happen online, with adults 50+ accounting for 80% of all luxury travel spending (American Life Project) when your building your site and adding content to it, you may want toBring to mind that.

Via 2010, adults 45-years-old and older will out-spend younger adults by trillion annually.

In 2004, people aged 50 and older spent an average of 48% of their family’s budget on “nonessentials” online (Bureau of Labor). 50% of baby boomers prepare to buy a new home after retirement (Del Webb Survey).

Designing Sites for an Older DemographicAddition website content; larger, darker fonts, higher color contrast, simple design, and consistent layout will encourage older visitors to stay on a site.Given that the type of content individuals seek varies by age group, a site’s content should be created around their interests:

Age 18-34Entertainment info 45% Local/national news 40% Online games 38% Shopping/product info 36% Info for work 35% Social networks, forums and blogs 31%Age 35-50 Local/national news 54% Shopping/product info 45% Info for work 43% Health info 37% Entertainment info 37% Travel info 34%Age 50+Local/national news 60% Shopping/product info 44% Health info 43% International news 39% Travel info 38% Food information/recipes 34%

If your target market consists of this Baby Boomer and older demographic, and you want their business, you can’t afford to ignore their wants and needs when your adding content to your website. Baby boomer spending is predictable to surpass .6 trillion by 2015.

If you’re focus is resting on the younger demographics at the exclusion of baby boomers, you are missing a potentially huge opportunity to tap into a large, diverse, and fast-growing segment of the U.S. Internet population this holiday season.

Construct Your Site Content, Search Engine, and Shopper Friendly

You don’t have much time left, but you can still make the small tweaks that will make your site content better optimized for search engines as well as user friendly to older visitors – baby boomers:

Design:Use dark type on a light background and avoid patterns Use a font size larger than 10 point in Arial or Tahoma

Layout:Make sure your pages load quickly Use the same style throughout the site Make site navigation consistent and easy to understand Provide “Previous/Next” buttons Keep your pages clean and uncluttered

Content:Use bold type to highlight key terms Underline your links; make visited links a different color Attention-grabbing features on a page should be links Left justify body text (other than headings) Don’t make visitors scroll down or use pull down menusScore your titles and meta descriptions too.

You’ll have a percentage of competition in search, and you require the content title to be as well optimized as achievable for the baby boomer, with a description that will encourage people to visit your site.Add in a call to action in it if you can.

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