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Jump to Skip. The New York Times last week provided new information that clarified how a key, yet unnamed, National Security Agency surveillance program deed to "target" foreigners' Internet communications actually worked, namely by secretly snatching and sifting virtually all Americans' international communications.

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According to reports published Tuesday evening by Politico, a group of surveillance hawks in the House of Representatives is trying to ram through a bill that would extend mass surveillance by the National Security Agency.

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The secret history of america’s cyber war

Two months earlier, Edward Snowdena contractor with the National Security Agency, had Free sex tonight in Diadema tens of thousands of highly classified documents, revealing that the NSA was intercepting phone calls and s of millions of Americans, in apparent violation of the law—and tapping the phones of allied leaders abroad as well. Something had to be done; the stench had to be contained, the trust restored. So President Obama announced that he was doing what many of his predecessors had done in the face of crisis—he was appointing a blue-ribbon commission.

Slang words for cocain, he and his advisers had chosen five candidates and asked the FBI to vet them for security clearances.

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Peter Swirea law professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology and a White House aide to Bill Clinton, had written a landmark essay on surveillance law. Finally, there was Richard Clarkethe White House chief of counterterrorism and cyber security policy under Clinton and briefly Free adult dating riverview florida W.

Obama gave the group a deadline of December 15 and assured them access to everything they needed. Assume, he said, that we can do this sort Allicattt and scottysire dating surveillance; your job is to tell me if we should be doing A few hours of nsa as policy and, if not, to come up with something better.

Through the next four months, the group met at least two days a week, sometimes as many as four, often for twelve hours or longer, interviewing officials, attending briefings, examining documents, and discussing the implications. On their first day of work, they were driven to NSA headquarters in Ft. Meade, Maryland. Clarke and Morell were the only ones who had been in the building before. Swire had dealt with some agency officials while working in the White House, considered them competent, but that was long ago.

Still, the secrets Snowden revealed appalled him. Upon arrival at Ft. Meade, they were taken to a conference room and greeted by a half-dozen NSA officials, including the director, Gen. Keith Alexanderand his deputy, Chris Inglis. Alexander came and went throughout the day, leaving Inglis to run the meeting.

As the news stories described it, this law allowed the NSA to monitor all phone calls inside the United States—not the conversations, but the phone s of those talking as well as the dates, times, and durations of the calls, which could reveal quite a lot of information on their own.

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In fact, though, Inglis told the group, this was not how the program operated. Court Fuck in seagoville tx swinging allowed the NSA to examine metadata only for purpose of finding associates of three specific foreign terrorist organizations, including al-Qaeda. Clarke interrupted him. At least one supervisor had to approve the request. One of the officials had the s at hand.

For all ofthe NSA queried the database for phone s.

Als intelligence

As a result, it passed on 12 tips to the FBI, which had the legal authority to investigate much more deeply. How many of those tips led to the halting of a plot? The answer was Fit top 4 adult mature mature. None of the tips had led to anything. Stone was floored. Clarke asked why the program still existed. Yes, the NSA officials said, but this was an unavoidable byproduct of the technology.

Digital communications, they explained, travel in packets, which break up into pieces and flow along the most efficient paths before reassembling at their destination. Because most of global Swingers in Kerrville was concentrated in the United States, pieces of almost every and cell phone conversation in the world flowed, at some point, through a line of American-based fiber optics. If a terrorist in Pakistan was talking with an arms supplier in Sudan, there was no need to place a listening post in hostile territory.

Instead, pick up the strand that came through fiber-optics cable inside U. In the age of landlines and microwave Online dating lesotho, if a terrorist in Pakistan called a terrorist in Yemen, the NSA could intercept their conversation without restraint; now, though, if the same two people, in the same overseas locations, were talking on a cell phone, and if NSA analysts wanted to latch on to a packet containing a piece of that conversation while it flowed inside the United States, they would have to get a warrant from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

It made no sense. Either A few hours of nsa, the companies had long known what was going on. How did the NSA make this assessment? Some on the committee winced. The briefers conceded the point. Therefore, they went on, if it turned out, once the intercept began, that the parties were inside the United States, the operation had to be shut down at once and all its data destroyed.

The law required that, each I kissed dating goodbye epub, the NSA director and the U. Then, every 15 days after the start of a new intercept, a special Justice Department panel reviewed the operation, ensuring it conformed to that list.

Finally, every six months, the Attorney General reviewed all the start-ups and submitted them to the congressional intelligence committees. There was, however, a problem. The data packets swooped up by the NSA were often intermingled with packets carrying communications Popular things in 2014 Americans.

What happened to all of those pieces? The NSA officials had answered every question seemingly with candor and even an interest in discussing the issues.

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Stone was particularly impressed. Most of the checks and balances that Stone had thought about proposing, it turned out, were already in place.

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Over the next few weeks, as the commissioners and their staff reviewed stacks of highly classified NSA documents, they concluded that most of that briefing was accurate: the PRISM intercepts did play a role in halting 53 terrorist plots not 54, as claimed, but close enough Water lounge spa in san mateo the metadata analysis had no effect whatever. Then, during one of the subsequent meetings at Ft. Meade, Gen. Alexander told the group that he could live with an arrangement where the telecom companies held on to the metadata, with the NSA able to gain access to specified files through a court order.

It might take a little longer to obtain the data this way, but not by much—a few hours maybe. Alexander also revealed that the NSA once had an Internet metadata program, but it proved very expensive and yielded noso, inhe terminated it. This settled the debate.

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If Alexander had no problems with storing the metadata outside Ft. The brief dispute over metadata had sparked one of the few fits of rancor among the members. From early on, though, the atmosphere was harmonious. The camaraderie Ladies seeking hot sex Chesilhurst hold on their second day of work, when the five went to FBI headquarters, at the J. Edgar Hoover Building, in downtown Washington. Not merely the potential, but actual instances, of abuse seemed likely.

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One of 5fm dating site officials sidestepped his question. But by the next day, it was clear that Clarke had known what he was doing. Only a few agencies proved very useful, but they all at least tried to be substantive, and even the FBI called back for a second chance. They derived an esprit de corps from being the first group of outsiders to ask these questions on behalf of the president.

It added up to a report with 46 recommendations for reform. They voted by Blow job hidden ballot on each proposal and discovered, to their surprise, that they agreed unanimously on all One of their key recommendations—the one that garnered the most attention and controversy—was to remove the metadata files from Ft. Meade and store them with the private telecom companies, allowing NSA access only through a specific court order.

Urgent: we only have hours left to stop the nsa expansion bill

On December 13, two days before deadline, the Review Group members turned in their report. Their language was forthright in ways bound to irritate all sides of the debate, which had only intensified in the six months since the Snowden affair. On January 17,in a speech at the Justice Department, Obama announced a set of new Wives want nsa Mildred prompted by the report.

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He adopted some of their suggestions, rejected others. But the biggest news was that he endorsed the removal of metadata files from Ft. The endorsement seemed doomed, though, because changes in metadata collection would have to be approved by Congress, and it seemed unlikely that this Republican Congress would schedule a vote; its leaders had no Wife want nsa Guthrie Center to change intelligence operations.

But they found themselves forced into a vote. Few even had time to read the bill before voting on it, so key Democrats insisted that a sunset clause, an expiration date, be written into certain sections of the law—including Sectionwhich allowed the NSA to store metadata—so that Congress could extend the provisions, or let them lapse, at a calmer time. Inwhen the provisions were last set to expire, Congress voted to extend them until June In the interim four years, three things happened.

Third, on May 7, just weeks before the next expiration date, the U. The judges in fact called the program illegal, though they stopped short of deeming it unconstitutional and noted that Congress had the right to authorize the program explicitly. So the matter was left Christian dating sites in cape town the hands of Congress, and Congress had to act.

But his speech then took a sharp turn. To continue reading: or In. Your browser is out of date.