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I'm hunt for guy Bored lets chat or whatever like fitness

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up Log in. Wedding Etiquette Forum New Sexual submissive wife. May in Wedding Etiquette Forum. I have about 45 minutes to an hour before the kids wake up and about an hour and a half until I can go home.

Can't friggin wait, I got way too little sleep last night. I don't think a nap is going to happen either, so I think I'll probably go home, clean bathrooms, get a manicure and then go to the gym.

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Hopefully seeing FI will be in there somewhere. How is your day going? Report 0 Reply to Post. Re: I'm bored, let's chat.

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AbbeyS member. May I am counting the days until June 5th, when the new Dance Moms episodes start airing! I love that show!

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It finally stopped raining, for now. I think we are getting the remnants of Beryl. I am not sure if it became a hurricane, but Hot japanese naked women know it was at least a depression or a storm.

Cannot wait until 5 pm. Report 0 Reply. I never get any work done. I mean, at my actual jobs, I'm a nanny, so I take care of the kids and all that I've been lounging for the past few days. I hate lounging Effects of purple drank long but I have the cold from hell.

My First Blog.

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Rach, did you get a raise?! Rach, glad your review went well! I assume you got a raise, which is awesome! Aryn, I hope you feel better. I lounge too much even when I'm not sick.

I'm bored, let's chat

I need to get How to delete uniform dating account on iphone butt in gear. It's been a weird year I'll snap out of it eventually, I'm sure. Yea on the good review, Rach! I keep wanting to type Ranch, LOL. Habs2Hart member. That's awesome!

Warning No formatter is installed for the format bbhtml. I wish my job came with raises. I know some nanny jobs do, but I already charge kind of a lot, so it's hard to ask for anymore than I'm getting. The lady at my main job asked if I wanted more money now that there's 2 kids, but I ended up saying no because the rate I was already charging for 1 was high enough for 2 and maybe 3. That was probably dumb, but I didn't want to become unaffordable and be replaced by daycare or something.

Aw no fun Rach!

But either way I can tell it went super well so congratulations! Loopyseven member. My annual performance review went well this morning. I think H and I may just have to celebrate sometime soon.

Re: i'm bored, let's chat

Or I can buy myself a new purse. We'll see! ErinG93 member. I'm exhausted. I feel like a downer today. Upside of my day: we're having shrimp, potatoes, sausage, and some other fun Traduire hook up en francais for our lunch meeting today. Also, I forgot that on Friday I get to leave work at one because I volunteered to help set up a book fair at the middle school.

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Erin, leaving work early is always fun! And Rach, I agree with Loopy, both is the right answer.

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And Hi. It's YUM! I agree with you Rach - raises are good. I really don't have any desire to start a real career, but I might have to since it's kind of a dead end Dating reddit relationships, and I don't get any benefits.

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Hair color preference study hoping to marry into good benefits though, so we'll see. Hey kids! I still have no voice. I'm sitting at home in silence, hoping that I will be able to do more than whisper tomorrow.

Yea, the no benefits thing kinda sucks. Right now the main issue I'll have with a full time nanny job is that there'll be no proof of income. Which I will need since my car is quickly dying and not many places will let me buy a new one on the promise that I really do work full time. Do you pay taxes?

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That stuff is proof of income Pink red bull pill report think. Aryn, I was just able to get my car loan without proof of income. I got it on my good credit alone.

I was surprised I'm newish here, but I feel like chiming in while bored at work Congrats on the good performance review! I decided yesterday to apply for a new job and submitted my CV and Cover letter today The one I interviewed for on Sunday would pay cash. It does stink, Rach.

Aryn -- if you can provide a letter from your employer describing your income, I think that might suffice. Aryn, have you ever been to the site I Saw Your Nanny?

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It's pretty awesome I have been really worried I'd be SOL when my car dies. I have to file a for one of my jobs and make estimated payments to the IRS MyUserName1 member. So ready to go home. But I have rehearsal tonight, so I don't even get to go home and lay around.

I should have been born a cat. For a nanny job, you can't legally file a A nanny is a household employee, not an independent contracter. They have to be given a W2 or whatever and the family has to pay part of the taxes. Why a cat vs a Dating apps on phones, Muni?

Ick no talk about nomming faces. The zombie apocalypse is starting, people. But Christmas has a pregnant virgin. Way cooler. The Company The Company. Sister Sites Sister Sites.