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Anyone who has visited Pakistan will have consumed more than their fair share of news - or perhaps propaganda - about Kashmir. And after 15 years of travel to the country I know the Pakistani version of the Kashmir story backwards.

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Three surprises from a visit to kashmir

The government order mentions that the process of whitelisting would be continuous, but not the parameters for judging whether a website should be white-listed. Screenshots of the homes of news sites that have not been whitelisted. ISPs that violated the rules could have their s cancelled.

In an order issued on January 24, instructions were given for the restoration of broadband and 2G internet service in Kashmir for accessing white-listed websites. The list of whitelisted sites was expanded from a list of websites to include news websites.

In the modified list, nearly 60 news Golden showers videos. were included. Even online news portals such as The Wire were whitelisted. This is in addition to the absence of other mainstream national news organisations such as Indian Express, IndiaToday and Firstpostbesides thousands of other news organisations that exist across the country.

Since YouTube remains off the white-list, there is no access to video news channels either. While the order does mention that the process of Dayton ohio spas would be a continuous one and that the list would be modified, it does not explicitly mention what the parameters for judging whether a website should be white-listed are.

This has created a chaotic atmosphere in the media industry where local portals had already taken a hit due to the six-month long City vibe new haven shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir. Now the news websites that do not find a mention in the white-list are at a disadvantage to no fault of their own. You are not able to reach the audience and the audience does not get open access to all content. Even when there is a major crisis, mostly black-listing is done wherein a list of websites is barred from being access.

Here, the opposite path has been taken. Ashland ky hook up wisdom of audience must be respected. There are more than 1. Owners of Universal News Timeline and Jammu Linkstwo prominent portals of Erotic ladies com while talking to The Wire said that they were still talking to the home department regarding what criteria they have adopted for white-listing news websites.

Photo: Mudasir Ahmad. When attempts were made to access the news portals which despite not being on the official order were white-listed, it was found that some were opening on select telecom networks while others were not.

Also, it still raises a question as to how, without any official announcement, a common man would find out that all the news portals and not just the ones mentioned in the order have been white-listed. It has passed orders ensuring that online access is unrestricted and non-discriminatory.

This can prove to be risky in Matchmaking part 1 medium to long term as the knowledge and outlook of those users would be shaped only by the information made available through those select offerings.

While a total Internet shutdown is legal under current telecom suspension regulations, a white-list, in which the government consciously picks and chooses different services, opens up a whole new can of worms. It is argued that this will create an uneven playing field among content providers and service providers — large, well-established content providers and service providers or those that have the benefit of large networks will find themselves in a much stronger bargaining position as compared to new or Wife sharing true stories businesses.

What national security justification could there be for allowing Amazon, but not a Kashmiri e-commerce company? Technology journalist Nikhil Pawha, who edits Medianamabelieves that the white-list is a net neutrality violation.

How is allowing the Government of India to define the nature of access any different? When The Wire reached out to R. Video-streaming websites such as Netflix, Amazon and Hotstar, which are classified as entertainment, have also been whitelisted. Pallavi Sareen is a journalist based in Jammu and Kashmir. She is the editor-in-chief of Straight Line and can be contacted at pallavisareen99 gmail. About Us. External Affairs.

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Become A Supporter. Hindi Marathi Urdu. Terms Privacy About Us. Kashmir's White-List of Govt-Approved Websites Raises Net Neutrality Lee county escorts The government order mentions that the process of whitelisting would be continuous, but not the parameters for judging whether a website should be white-listed. Pallavi Sareen.

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