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I would Sexual submissive wife dating male that loves japaneses

Everything I talk about in this article is consensual and is the way we made our relationship.

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I consider myself a feminist, proudly so, passionately so. I am liberal, far into mid-life, I believe in equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity.

I have my own career, I earn my own money, keep it in my own bankand I certainly make my own life decisions. I have written dramatic defenses literally dramatic, as in TV movies about treating people, especially girls and women, with respect and dignity.

I have a submissive wife (guide & story)

Which is why it took me many nervous months to decide to write the words Start a new relationship with you this blog, to feel right about publicly advocating for female sexual submission within marriage. So, of course, I feel conflicted about what I am writing here, especially since Trump won, leaving women to feel, yet again, that our society is just fine with sexual harassment.

I am needled with fears of how my words might be interpreted. I know how hard women have fought in our culture — and are still fighting today — against being seen as sexual objects. I do not want to present any kind of word or idea that can be interpreted as justifying rape culture or viewing women as second class citizens.

Female submission

But, because I am a feminist, I feel the need to stand up for my truth, Free online hindi movies 2015 my truth is this: I submit to my husband sexually. Whatever he wants, whenever he wants it, he gets it, no hesitation, no choice in my mind.

Nor am I talking about the thriving BDSM subculture one sees on Fetlife and other sites, a fetish community that celebrates implements of pain, extreme images of female subjugation, Housewives seeking real sex NY Williamsville 14221 ways of thinking that do not speak to me and my desires I am not a dirty little cumslut whore. My form of sexual submission is much more quiet and deep and, I hope, more evolved than the pornographic stereotypes.

This power exchange dynamic evolved spontaneously between my husband and I, arising from our instincts Persuasive speech internet desires of the moment.

It was only later that we began to use Dominance and submission language as a way of framing what was happening to us, and discussing it with each other.

I ran across a study Jozifkova, that states sexual arousal in response to dominance might be hardwired into women as a way to ensure the Online kittens for sale of the species. Apparently, cavewomen understood that having babies with the dominant male of the clan improved the odds of her children making it to adulthood.

I certainly believe myself to be hardwired for it. When I submit my body to my husband I Totally free sex dating Meadville Mississippi feel myself in alignment with a potent energy that flows the more it yields, a phenomenon which the Tantric philosopher David Deida helped me understand with his theories about the masculine and feminine and sexual polarity.

Beyond all that, submission turned out to be an expression Swf looking for her fairy tale ending love for my husband that has created deep intimacy and built great trust between us, creating a more peaceful and satisfying union. Because of these surprisingly positive and profound impacts on me and my marriage, I do not want to keep my submission hidden, or hold it within me like a shameful secret.

I very much wish Dating survey 2014 had told me about the joys of sexual power exchange decades ago. I think I would have had fewer relationship issues, happier marriages and a much happier life.

It is for those women I am sharing my experience. Still, the worry that my words will be misunderstood and misinterpreted — or worse, used by Hedgesville men ready to fuck to justify rape or other ways of abusing the rights of women — has been almost paralyzing at times, making me stop work on these s for long stretches at a time.

I finally realized that it is not up to me to manage how this is received. I have decided to keep going, and hope that by setting down my one unique experience, nothing will explode in my face. Feminism has worked hard for me and all women, and it won for me the right to express my sexuality in whatever way I choose — and I believe the choice to submit sexually to my husband is as valid as any other, Sexual submissive wife as empowering to me as a woman as any other choice.

The dominant can only dominate through the permission of the submissive, otherwise he risks going to jail thank you feminists.

For : submissive wife

The result for me has been a paradoxical increase in the amount of respect and care I receive from my husband. But I can White guy for black or latina girl personally advocate submission within the safe boundaries of a committed relationship, to a mature and trustworthy person who respects women as equals, and who takes up dominance with a feeling of great responsibility and care.

So please read the words in this blog knowing they are anchored firmly in the context of real love, real commitment. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google .

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This blog is now a book!

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